What Are Arrest Warrants?

police handcuffing man

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Sometimes people don’t know, forget, or don’t want to show up to court after having been arrested or getting a ticket. If you fail to show up to court, a warrant is sent our for your arrest and you are considered a fugitive of the law until you are captured. By receiving an arrest warrant, you add additional bail, court fees, and bail bondsman fees to your list of debts instead of having just shown up to court in the first place. If you skip out on showing up to court, an arrest warrant will be placed for you and you will have to pay an arrest warrant clearance bond to get rid of it. If a judge still deems you a flight risk, you could be placed on house arrest monitoring. If you have been issued an arrest warrant and need arrest warrant clearance bail in WichitaWichita, KS, call Owen's Bonding Co. at (866) 830-BOND today.

How Does Someone Get An Arrest Warrant?

  • A lot of times, people who have accumulated tons of unpaid traffic tickets will get a warrant out for their arrest that they claim they don’t know about.
  • Not showing up to court after posting your bail from jail places a warrant out for your arrest and causes you to lose your refunded bail money.
  • People who are guilty and decide to flee instead of showing up to the appointed court dates get arrest warrants so they can be forcibly brought back to court and sentenced.
  • Bounty hunters use arrest warrants to collect bond money from the bail bondsman that the person on the run owes money to.