Small Problems that Could Land You in Big Trouble

As a typical, law abiding citizen, you probably don’t realize just how many small offenses can land you in jail. Many times, people who are arrested had no idea they could even be arrested for their offense and have never been in any sort of trouble before that. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top offenses that get normal, everyday people into big trouble.

Traffic Tickets and Fines

When you get a traffic ticket, you simply must pay it. Often times, citizens will forget about the ticket or begin making payments on the fine, and then it slips their mind. If you are pulled over and the officer finds traffic tickets that have turned into warrants, you can be arrested. You will have to go through the entire arrest process before you are given the chance to pay your fines and be let go. Instead of having to go through this headache and stressful situation, make sure you keep up with any fines you owe and when they are due.

Driving While Your License is Suspended

When your license is suspended, so are all driving privileges. This means that no matter what the reason, you are not allowed to drive any vehicle, at any time. If you are caught, you can be arrested. In some cases, getting an SR-22 insurance policy and paying a fine to the state will allow you to get the suspension lifted. Until you have confirmation of the lifted suspension, don’t risk it; let someone else take the wheel.

Fishing or Hunting Out of Season

This is actually a very serious offense and can be punishable with hefty fines as well as years in jail. If you are a hunter or fisherman, make sure you have the correct license for your county, and that you have it on your person while you are out. It’s also a very good idea to review allowances and restrictions before venturing out on your trip.

Skipping School

As parents, we know that our children can get into big trouble for skipping class, but as a parent, you are held to the same level of responsibility. If your child is under the age of 18 and is caught for truancy, you will be the one that must answer to the judge or officer for the actions. In fact, in most states, the parent is held as the more responsible party in the offense. If you have a child in school, keep a close eye on their attendance, or they could land you in hot water.

Don’t end up in jail for something that you can fix now. Make sure you know the laws in your area, and if you have questions about the laws or about getting out of trouble, call Owens Bonding at 866-830-2663.