Bail Bonds in Edwardsville, KS

If the one thing standing between you and an early release is the cost of bail, don’t despair. Except for a couple of criminal charges, many defendants are eligible to bail out of jail by using a bail bond rather than the full amount in cash. Even if you get arrested in the middle of the night, you can contact Owens Bonding Co. at 866-830-2663 for fast bail bonds in Edwardsville, KS. We are constantly open 24/7, to best assist you and your loved ones.

Bail Bonds for Common Charges

bail bondsThe cost of cash bail is set by the judge and relies on many factors, including your charges, previous record, flight risk, and more. From a couple hundred to a tens of thousands of dollars, the price of bail can be an enormous financial burden for some. Very few defendants have enough money to bail themselves out of jail, and seeking help from a family member or friend isn’t always available. This is where a bail agent comes in to save you financially, as most bail bonds only cost you 10 percent of the full bail price. While there are a few criminal charges for which you are not eligible for bail, we are happy to provide the following:

  • Domestic Violence Bonds: If you’re in jail for domestic violence charges, contact Owens Bonding Co. for speedy and affordable domestic violence bail bonds in Edwardsville, KS.
  • Drug Charges: If you or a loved one require bail bonds for drug charges in Kansas, call Owens Bonding Co.
  • DUI Bail: Let an agent from Owens Bonding Co. help you get out of jail without spending a fortune with a DUI bail bond.
  • Federal Offense Bail: Don’t break the bank trying to afford for federal offense bail by yourself; contact the bondsmen at Owens Bonding Co today!
  • Felony Bail: Don’t let the high cost of felony bail keep you in jail, missing work and away from your family.
  • Misdemeanor Bail: Depending on your circumstances, misdemeanor bail may be costly, demanding the help of a bail agent.
  • Probation Violation Charges: If you’re in jail for probation violation, contact one of our bail bondsmen in Edwardsville, KS for low-cost bail bonds.
  • Weapons Charges: If you or a loved one have been arrested for a weapons violation, call our licensed bail agents for bail bond services in Edwardsville, KS right away.

Navigating the Bail Process

If you are puzzled or stressed out by the bail system, you are not alone, so don’t worry. If you are not familiar with legal terms, the terms and processes can be overwhelming, especially to first-time offenders. Because of this, we have more than 35 certified bail agents located throughout the state to help you, 24/7. Our bondsmen are also glad to help you with specialized bail bonds, including the following:

  • Appearance Bond: Failing to appear for court may result in an additional misdemeanor charge, but we can help!
  • Appeal Bond: An appeal bond, or supersedeas bond, is a type of surety bond used in an appeals case to postpone payment until the process is complete.
  • Arrest Warrant Clearance Bail: Our bondsmen are available to assist you clear all outstanding arrest warrants.
  • Cash Bond: If the judge requires a cash bond or cash-only bail, you must pay the amount in full in order to leave jail early.
  • Immigration Bail: Owens Bonding Co. is available to help with immigration bail in Edwardsville, KS anytime, day or night.
  • Surety Bond: Frequently used interchangeably in the U.S. court system, a bail bond is a specific kind of surety bond uncommon outside of the States.

Your Ticket to Freedom

Don’t spend days or weeks behind bars while waiting for your court date; get out and return to work or your loved ones. With over 35 bondsmen serving more than 75 counties, Owens Bonding Co. is here to help you anywhere in Kansas. No matter if you are looking at a minor charge or a major one, our bail bondsmen will make sure you get out of jail as fast as possible. With our agency, you can depend on quality service with respect and the utmost discretion. Available 24/7, call 866-830-2663 for Owens Bonding Co. superior bail services in Edwardsville, KS.