Bail Bonds in Goddard, KS

If the only problem standing between you and an early release is the price of bail, don’t despair. Except for a couple of criminal charges, most defendants are eligible to bail out of jail by using a bail bond rather than the full amount in cash. Contact the experts at Owens Bonding Co. for low-priced bail bonds in Goddard, KS at 866-830-2663, day or night. Whatever time of day or night it is, our certified bail bondsmen are here for you, including weekends and holidays.

Bail Bonds for Common Charges

bail bondsThe cost of cash bail is set by the judge and depends on several factors, including your charges, previous record, flight risk, and more. Unless you are a wealthy celebrity, the price of leaving jail early can be a significant roadblock when it comes to leaving jail early. Very few people have an additional $1,000 or more to provide for their bail, and sometimes withdrawal limits slow down the process. This is where a bail agent comes in to save you money, as most bail bonds only cost you 10 percent of the cash bail amount. Excluding a few charges when bail is not an option or the judge will only accept cash bail, our bondsmen can help you with:

  • Domestic Violence Bonds: When you’re in jail for domestic violence charges, contact Owens Bonding Co. for quick and affordable domestic violence bail bonds in Goddard, KS.
  • Drug Charges: Contact our bail agents for quick release if you or a loved one have been jailed for a drug offense in Kansas.
  • DUI Bail: If you are in jail for a DUI, contact your local Owens Bonding Co. bondsman for quick, professional bail bond service in Goddard, KS.
  • Federal Offense Bail: Don’t worry about the cost of bail for a federal offense; let Owens Bonding Co. get you out of jail fast for only a small percentage.
  • Felony Bail: Most felony offenses carry higher bail prices, and our bail agents can help you afford bail and get out quickly.
  • Misdemeanor Bail: Let our bail agents help you get out of jail and back to the safety of your own home with misdemeanor bail bond in Goddard, Kansas.
  • Probation Violation Charges: If you or a loved one need probation violation bail service, give Owens Bonding Co. a call, 24/7.
  • Weapons Charges: If you or a loved one have been charged with a weapons violation, call our professional bail agents for bail bond services in Goddard, KS right away.

Navigating the Bail Process

We understand that going to jail can be stressful, and the bail process isn’t that simple either. Figuring out the bail system by yourself can be difficult, especially if this is your first time getting arrested. To help you navigate the bail system, we have more than 35 bail bondsmen working 24 hours a day throughout the state. In addition to bail services for the common causes mentioned above, we also provide help with:

  • Appearance Bond: If you or a loved one require an appearance bond to get an early release, call your local Kansas bondsman at Owens Bonding Co.
  • Appeal Bond: If you require a supersedeas bond or appeal bond in Goddard, KS, call our bail agency for help.
  • Arrest Warrant Clearance Bail: Our bail agents are here to assist you clear any outstanding warrants for your arrest.
  • Cash Bond: If a judge orders a cash bail or cash-only bail, you must pay the amount in full in order to leave jail early.
  • Immigration Bail: Our bondsmen are available to help with immigration bail services in Wichita, KS and the rest of the state.
  • Surety Bond: Often used interchangeably in the American court system, a bail bond is a particular type of surety bond uncommon outside of the country.

Your Ticket to Freedom

Don’t waste days or weeks in jail while waiting for your court date; get out and get back to work or your loved ones. Wherever your location, we have nearby bond agents throughout the state to assist you with quick, professional service. Whichever charges you are facing, our bondsmen can assist with any bail bond no matter the cost. You can trust that our agents will never treat you based on your charges or situation, and we keep your information secure. For a certified bail bondsman in Goddard, KS, dial 866-830-2663 any day of the week, 24 hours a day.