Bail Bonds in Girard, KS

If you’ve been arrested and can’t afford bail, you don’t have to stay in jail. There are a few options when it comes to bailing out of jail, and in most situations you can use a bail bond. Even if you get arrested late in the night, you can contact Owens Bonding Co. at 866-830-2663 for speedy bail bonds in Girard, KS. Our offices are available 24/7, including nights, weekends and holidays, so you never have to lose unnecessary time in jail.

Bail Bonds for Common Charges

bail bondsWhile more severe charges often involve higher bail prices, the exact number will depend on other factors such as your danger to the public and prior criminal record, if any. Bail prices can range significantly, from $100 to $100,000 and more depending on the specifics of your situation. While some people may be able to reach into their savings or borrow from friends and family, this is not an option for most defendants. This is where a bail agent comes in to save you financially, as most bail bonds only cost you 10 percent of the cash bail amount. Excluding those crimes where bail is not an option or the judge will only accept cash bail, our bondsmen can help you with:

  • Domestic Violence Bonds: When you’re arrested for domestic violence charges, call Owens Bonding Co. for fast and affordable domestic violence bail bonds in Girard, KS.
  • Drug Charges: If you or a loved one are facing drug charges in Girard, KS, make Owens Bonding Co. your first choice for bail bonds near you.
  • DUI Bail: When you are behind bars for a DUI, call your local Owens Bonding Co. bondsman for quick, affordable bail bond service in Girard, KS.
  • Federal Offense Bail: Don’t break the bank trying to pay for federal offense bail on your own; call the bail agents at Owens Bonding Co today!
  • Felony Bail: Owens Bonding Co. can help save you money with felony bail bonds in Girard, KS.
  • Misdemeanor Bail: Let our bail bondsmen help you get out of jail and back to the safety of your own home with misdemeanor bail bond in Girard, KS.
  • Probation Violation Charges: If you’re in jail for violating probation, contact one of our bail bondsmen in Girard, KS for low-cost bail bonds.
  • Weapons Charges: If you or a loved one have been charged with a weapons violation, call our professional bondsmen for bail bond services in Girard, KS right away.

Navigating the Bail Process

With years of experience in the business, we know exactly how stressful and overwhelming the justice system and bail process is for defendants. The complex legal jargon and high price of bail can make the experience even more stressful. To help you get through the bail system, we have more than 35 bail agents working 24/7 throughout the state. In addition to bail services for the common crimes mentioned above, we also offer help with:

  • Appearance Bond: If you or a loved one require an appearance bond to get an early release, call your local Kansas bondsman at Owens Bonding Co.
  • Appeal Bond: If you need a supersedeas bond or appeal bond in Girard, KS, call our bonding agency for assistance.
  • Arrest Warrant Clearance Bail: When you need to clear an arrest warrant, call Owens Bonding Co. for licensed help about your options.
  • Cash Bond: You are required to pay the full bail amount if the judge requires a cash-only bond.
  • Immigration Bail: If you need assistance with an immigration bail bond in Girard, KS, contact Owens Bonding Co. for fast, certified help.
  • Surety Bond: Sometimes called surety bonds, bail bonds include the obligee (court), principal (defendant) and surety (bail bondsman) in a legal arrangement.

Your Ticket to Freedom

You don’t have to stay locked up when you could go home with your loved ones or working on your case. With over 35 bail agents serving over 75 counties, Owens Bonding Co. is available to help you anywhere in the state. As long as you are eligible for bail, our agents can help get you out from behind bars at a fraction of the expense. You can know that our bondsmen will never judge you based on the crimes you’ve been charged with or situation, and we keep your information private. Call Owens Bonding Co. at 866-830-2663, anytime of the day or night, for bail bonds in Girard, Kansas, or anywhere else in the state!