How To Avoid Getting A DUI


Avoid Having To Worry About DUIs While Drinking When You Follow Our Tips.

We all like to unwind now and then, whether it is hanging out with friends, family, or just cooling down from a hard day at work by yourself. Having a few drinks is not a bad way to relax, however, driving after those drinks can land you in a heap of trouble. DUIs are serious charges that can put your life on hold while you deal with the repercussions of drinking and then trying to navigate your car home. You can avoid having to worry about these charges if you take a little time and make a plan for your evening using the tips below.

DUI Avoidance Tips

  • For Group Events, Plan Ahead – If you and your friends or coworkers are planning a get together where there may be drinking, use the planning time to make sure it is safe for everyone. See about carpooling and setting a designated driver to ensure everyone arrives home safely.
  • Don’t Drive If You Are Drinking – Whether setting up a DD is not realistic or you are out on your own, remember there are other available options for your return home. Before heading out, have a taxi service in mind or set up a reservation at a hotel to give you a way to stay safe once you are done.
  • Let Friends And Family Know Where You Are – Last but not least, inform family or friends of your plans. Keep in mind if any of them can assist you by picking you up after the evening and call them for assistance when you are ready to head back home.

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