Bail Bonds in McPherson, KS

If the only thing standing between you and an early release is the cost of bail, don’t worry. The most economical option is to get a bail bond from your local bail bondsman, which costs only a small percentage of the price of cash bail. Even if you’re arrested late in the night, you can call Owens Bonding Co. at 866-830-2663 for fast bail services in McPherson, KS. We are always open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to best serve you and your loved ones.

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Bail Bonds for Common Charges

bail bondsThe cost of your bail is determined by the judge and depends on several factors, including your charges, previous record, flight risk, and more. Depending on your individual case, paying in full could cost from $100 to $100,000. Though a few people may be able to dip into their savings or borrow from friends and family, this is not an option for many defendants. By using a bail bond from a licensed bail agent, you can get and early release by only paying a small percentage of the total amount, usually 10 percent. Excluding a few crimes where bail is not an option or the judge will only accept cash bail, our agents can help you with:

  • Domestic Violence Bonds: If you’re in jail for domestic violence charges, contact Owens Bonding Co. for quick and affordable domestic violence bail bonds in McPherson, KS.
  • Drug Charges: If you need bail bonds for drug charges in Kansas, call Owens Bonding Co.
  • DUI Bail: Let a bondsman from Owens Bonding Co. help you or a loved one get an early release without breaking the bank on a DUI bail bond.
  • Federal Offense Bail: Regardless of the time of night or day, the bail bondsmen at Owens Bonding Co. are glad to help you with federal offense bail bonds in McPherson, KS.
  • Felony Bail: The majority of felony offenses carry higher bail prices, and our bail bondsmen can help you afford bail and get out quickly.
  • Misdemeanor Bail: Depending on your situation, misdemeanor bail may be expensive, requiring the help of a bail bond.
  • Probation Violation Charges: Our bail agents are here for you, 24/7/365, with probation violation bail services near McPherson, KS.
  • Weapons Charges: For a weapons charge bail bond in Kansas, call the team at Owens Bonding Co. for fast, affordable service!

Navigating the Bail Process

We understand that going to jail can be confusing, and the bail system isn’t so simple either. Understanding the bail process on your own can be not easy, especially if this is your first time in jail. Because of this, we have several licensed bail bondsmen located throughout Kansas to assist you, day or night. In addition to bail bonds for the common crimes mentioned above, we also offer assistance with:

  • Appearance Bond: Skipping your court date will not only result in bond forfeiture, but might result in an additional charge of failing to appear.
  • Appeal Bond: If you need a supersedeas bond or appeal bond in McPherson, KS, call our bail agency for assistance.
  • Arrest Warrant Clearance Bail: Our bondsmen are available to assist you clear all outstanding warrants for your arrest.
  • Cash Bond: In a few cases, the judge may require a cash or cash only bond, which means you cannot use a bail bond for early release.
  • Immigration Bail: Our agents are happy to provide immigration bail bonds in Wichita, KS and the rest of the state.
  • Surety Bond: Occasionally called surety bonds, bail bonds include the obligee (court), principal (defendant) and surety (bail bondsman) in an agreement.

Your Ticket to Freedom

Don’t lose one more night locked in jail when you could be with family or working on your case. With more than 30 bail agents serving over 75 counties, Owens Bonding Co. is available to help you anywhere in Kansas. From lesser misdemeanor offenses to costly felony offenses, we manage all types of bail. We always make sure your data is kept private and treat every customer with care. For a certified bail bondsman in McPherson, KS, call 866-830-2663 any day of the week, 24 hours a day.