How Does a Bail Bond Work?

How Does a Bail Bond Work?

How Does Bail Work? Find Out More About the Bail Bond Process.

When we talk about posting bail or needing to use a bail bond, people can get confused about what that means exactly. What are bail and bails bonds and how does bail work? Bail is a set amount of money that is set by the judge. Bail is how you are able to get out of jail and acts as insurance to guarantee that you will show up for your court day. Bail can be expensive, which is why we have bail bonds. Bail bonds are a surety, or promise, to the court that you will appear on your assigned court date; if you miss your court date, your bail is forfeited. You are able to get bail from your family or friends, but it’s more common to get a bail bond through a certified bail bondsman. Felony and misdemeanor bonding are popular bail bonds if you or someone you love has committed a felony or misdemeanor. To find out more about how does bail work or the bail process, we have got you covered.

Bail Bond Process

  • Police Custody and Booking: The first step is being booked which means they will take down all of your personal information, get information on the crime, and hold you in jail until you know if you can be released.
  • Bail Proceedings: If it’s your first offense then they will sometimes let you off on your own recognizance, but most of the time they will set up bail proceedings to determine how the bail should be set. Bail is determined based on many factors that the judge will decide upon.
  • Posting Bail: Once the amount of your bail is set you can go about paying it. If you, your family, or friends can’t afford to pay for your bail, that is where a bail bondsman comes in. You usually have to pay a percentage of the bail amount, but the bail bonds company will take care of the rest so you can be released from jail.

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