Weapons Charge Bail Bonds

Kansas has fairly lenient gun laws, but there are still some restrictions. If you have been arrested on a weapons charge and cannot afford bail, call Owens Bonding Co at 866-830-2663. Our bail bondsmen will help you get out of jail without losing a fortune.

Causes for a Weapons Charge

weapons chargeState law in Kansas allows adults to purchase and openly carry a gun without a permit. However, concealed carry does require a permit. Cities and counties may impose other restrictions on carrying a gun, however, so it is important that you be familiar with these laws. In addition, there are some exceptions to the state law. For example, if you have been convicted of a felony, you may be barred from possessing a firearm for 5 years or more. If you are found in possession of a firearm and are a convicted felon, you may be charged with a severity level 8 nonperson felony.

Additionally, you may not be in possession of a concealed firearm if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you are found in this situation, you may be charged with a class A misdemeanor. Prohibited weapons—including automatic weapons and sawed off shotguns—will likely earn you a felony charge as well.

If you’re facing high fines and can’t afford bail for a weapons charge, call Owens Bonding Co.! Our bail agents can find an affordable bail solution for you, including a payment plan if needed. Our goal is to get you out of jail quickly and easily as a low cost to you. In most cases, a weapons charge bail bond will only cost you 10 percent of the total bail amount.

Affordable Bail and Personal Service

At Owens Bonding Co., we know that you don’t want to spend more time in jail. This is why we have more than 35 agents throughout the state to serve you locally. Not only do we specialize in low-cost bail service, but we know that quality, courteous service is just as important. Call our offices today if you need a weapons charge bail bond in Wichita, KS or anywhere else in Kansas at 866-830-2663!