Bail Bonds for Drug Charges

Have you been arrested on drug charges in Wichita, KS? Call Owens Bonding Co. for drug charge bail bonds at 866-830-2663. Our bail agents provide affordable bail bonds throughout the state!

Bail for Drug Charges in Kansas

drug charges bailKansas drug laws vary widely in their penalties, carrying nonperson misdemeanor charges to a level 2 felony. The severity of your charges will depend on many factors, including the type of controlled substance, intent to distribute, and more. Repeat offenders will receive much harsher fines and penalties.

Simple possession of marijuana is considered a Class A misdemeanor, the most serious level, which is punishable by up to one year in jail and/or a $2,500 fine. Marijuana is classified as a Schedule V drug, the least addictive category. More addictive controlled substances carry harsher fines and penalties. Possession and distribution of drug paraphernalia also carries harsh fines and jail or prison time, if convicted.

Because drug charges are prosecuted harshly in Kansas, bail prices can be high. If you cannot afford the price of misdemeanor bail or felony bail, call Owens Bonding Co. at 866-830-2663. We help you get out of jail quickly for an affordable price, often 10 percent of the full price of your bail. This can save you significantly and help you pay for fines, court fees, and an attorney. Whether this is your first arrest or fifth arrest, our bail agents will help you get through the bail process with as little trouble as possible.

Affordable Bail Solutions

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