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What’s the Difference Between a Cash Bond and a Bail Bond?

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No matter the situation, no one should have to spend even one night in jail. That’s why bail bonds and bondsmen exist. We are here to help you when it feels like there is nothing to do. However, there are many situations where even a bail bondsman may be hard-pressed to help. When is that the case? Usually when a court has decided how bail can be paid. Here we are referring to cash bonds. To learn more about a cash bond in Wichita, KS, contact Owen's Bonding Co. at 866-830-2663.

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What is a Cash Bond

Bonds are used to show that someone has put up collateral to pay someone else’s bail. So what is a cash bond? Unlike a bail bond, what a cash bond means is you can pay the full bail amount, upfront in cash. You don’t have to qualify for a bond through a bondsman or put up collateral to pay for the bond. In many courts, cash bonds are the only acceptable form of payment. This means cashiers checks, checks, and other forms of payment will be denied. While Owen's Bonding Co. may not be able to help you with a bond, we can help you find resources and valuable information to make your payment.

Cash Bond vs Bail Bond

What are the major differences between these two options? Is a cash bond better for you than a bail bond? It can be challenging to know which is the better option. If you are guaranteed the person you bail out will attend every court appearance or scheduled meeting, then a cash bond may be the way to go. However, if you can’t meet the full bail amount, a bail bond will be your best bet. It’s important to understand the situation before making a decision though. Similar to asphalt shingle roof repair services. You would want to get an inspection before deciding to make major changes. 

Cash Bond

  • Can only pay in cash
  • Have to pay the full amount
  • Exact cash only with no change
  • Can use credit or debit cards to complete transaction
  • Essentially refundable if person in question shows up to every court appearance

Bail Bond

  • Can pay in any format, cash, credit, check, etc. 
  • Only have to pay a small percentage
  • No refund
  • You may be responsible for ensuring someone shows up to appearances or lose your money completely

One of the biggest questions we get asked is, can a cash bond be revoked? It can, but it will more than likely be done by the person that paid the bail. When would this happen? Let’s say you bail someone out, but they fail to appear for several of their court appearances. You can revoke your bail, absolving you of any financial responsibility. This is not something that can be done with a bail bond. If you go into an agreement with a bondman, they legally cannot back out of their agreement with you. That means if someone doesn’t show up for court, they will find someone to pay them back for their lost money. That someone will likely be the person that took out the bond. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much of a cash bond do you have to pay? 
    • Depending on the situation, you may be able to pay a small portion to a bail bondsman who will then pay the rest in cash to the jailer. If you can’t do that, then you will need to pay the full amount in cash. 
  • How do you pay a cash bond?
    • With cash. As the name states, these are bail situations in which the jail or prison will only accept cash payments. You may be able to pay with a debit or credit card, but bonds procured from bail bondsmen will not be accepted. 
  • Is cash bond refundable?
    • Essentially, yes, cash bonds can be refunded. Unlike a bail bond from a bondsman, you are handing over your own money to release someone from jail. If they show up to all their court appearances, you may be able to see a refund, minus 3% processing fee. 
  • What does full cash bond mean?
    • It means that the court will only accept the full cash amount to release someone from jail. In these instances, you’ll have to pay the exact amount in cash or use a credit or debit card to complete payment. Bail bonds will not be accepted. 
  • How does cash bond work?
    • It works the same way a bail bond works. Someone pays the bail amount in cash then the person arrested is expected to show up to all of their court dates. The biggest difference is the fact that you have to pay in cash as opposed to paying with a bail bond. 
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