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How To Handle An Arrest Warrant


Dealing With An Arrest Warrant Can Be A Scary Situation.

Having a warrant out for your arrest can be an upsetting situation to deal with. What should you do? How can you handle it? While you may have many questions and may consider flight, know that the best thing you can do is to deal with the warrant head on. This means turning yourself in. The act of turning yourself in reflects well upon you, showing that you are willing to work through the situation and that you are not a flight risk. There are certain steps you should take in your best interest before you choose to turn yourself in. 

Steps To Take

Contact a Defense Attorney

When making the decision to handle an arrest warrant by turning yourself into the police, the first thing to do is to contact a defense attorney. Your attorney will act in your best interests, working for the best resolution for you and can even help you with the arrest process. They will gather all of the information in regards to your warrant and work with you to expedite processing.

Reach Out to a Bondsman

Your attorney may be able to identify the bond amount if one is set. Depending on the charge or if a judge has already looked over your case, the judge may set the bond amount along with the arrest warrant. If this is the case, contacting a bondsman could be in your best interest. Once you know the bond amount, you can work with the bondsman to secure bail. This way, once you have been processed you can bond out and get to work with your attorney on building your case.

Go To The Station

Finally, once your affairs are in order, it is time to go to the police. Your attorney and bondsman can meet you there to help expedite processing. Remember to dress comfortably, but not casually, and work with the police. The more cooperative you are, the faster you can be in and out of the station. Be familiar with your Miranda rights; they are in your best interest.

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