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When Someone You Know Skips Bail

You know to come to Owen's Bonding Co. when you need bail bond services in Wichita, KS. Bail is meant to ensure that the person in jail shows up on any assigned court dates, but that doesn’t always happen, which is how the term skips bail came to be. However, what happens if the person whom you bailed out doesn’t appear in court?

The Consequences of Skipping Bail

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Call Us When Someone You Know Skips Bail.

First, a warrant will be issued for that person’s arrest. In a rare case, a judge may be lenient, but it is never safe to assume that. If and when that person is arrested, he or she will then be eligible for bail, but that bail may be set higher. Unfortunately, all this not only affects them, but you, too. If you bailed them out, it will affect that transaction. Plus, if you know where that person is, you’re legally obligated to answer any questions about your loved one’s whereabouts honestly. If you don’t, you could be in a lot of trouble.

In this situation, be honest with law enforcement. Also, contact your bail bondsman. The people from whom you got the bail bonds have seen these situations before and know how to help. They may not be able to make everything better, but they can help you figure some details out.

Whether you need to bail someone out, you have questions about the process, or someone whom you have bailed out skips bail, call us at 866-830-2663. We know bail bonds and all the processes involved in bailing someone out of jail in Wichita, KS.