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How Jail Works

When you or someone you love is arrested, it can be a very stressful and worrisome time with many questions left unanswered. Questions like, “how long does it take to get booked in jail?” and “how many years can you be in jail” suddenly become very important inquiries that never seemed to matter before. When you or your loved one has been arrested the most important thing to do is stay calm and contact the correct authorities for assistance, such as a reputable bondsman and an experienced attorney. These professionals can provide you with jail and arrest information by performing a jail and inmate search. They can also provide you with charge and bonding information once the arrested party is processed.

Lights on a Police Car

Going to Jail is Never a Good Experience. We Can Help Get You Out And Back With Your Loved Ones.

Why do You Go to Jail?

There are many reasons why someone may get arrested. Most commonly, the arrested party is caught in the act of wrongdoing. However, sometimes, they may be arrested for a bench or capias warrant specifically by the judge. Whether your charge is a felony, misdemeanor, or bench warrant, you will be arrested the same way and brought to an incarceration facility.

  • Felony Arrest: If you are arrested for a felony charge, you will most likely have to stay in jail until you see the judge about a bond agreement. Most times, felonies are judged on a case by case basis and include considerations concerning the severity and frequency of the crime.
  • Misdemeanor Arrest: In many cases, misdemeanor charges have preset bonds. This means that when you are finished with the booking process, your bond can be posted for release. There are, however, exceptions, and charges like repeat DUI offenses and violent charges will usually have to be decided by the judge.
  • Bench Warrants: Bench warrants are issued when you fail to appear for a court day or other official meeting set by a judge. These warrants can typically be bonded easily after processing.
  • Capias Warrants: These warrants are issued for parties that have already set up an agreement with the court but failed to hold up their end of the deal. Unfortunately, these warrants can never be bonded and will need to be paid and cleared before release will be allowed.

The Processing Process

No matter what the reason, the arrested party will go through the same processing procedure before they can be bonded out. Processing can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a whole day, depending on how busy the facility is. Processing the inmate includes taking fingerprints and mugshots, changing into uniform, and being given the chance to call a concerned party. Once the booking process is complete, either a bond will be set or a bond case is set to go before the judge.

Will I go to Jail for First Felony Charges?

In many cases, judges are more lenient with first-time charges than with repeat offenders. However, that is not always the case, and judges are not required to grant leniency. In some cases, especially in violent crimes, first-time offenders are not typically granted leniency and will most likely spend time behind bars.

How Can I Find Out if Someone is in Police Custody?

Once a person has been booked into the legal system, they are traceable by any authorized party. Some cities and counties have inmate search websites where you can check to see if someone is in custody. Other areas require a phone call to inquire of someone’s incarceration. In areas such as metropolitans and other high crowding places, a professional such as a bail bondsman can help get the information needed.

How Can I Find Out What Jail Someone is In?

In many cases, inmates are shuffled through the justice system, serving time in multiple areas for different infractions. Once time has been served in one area, the inmate will be transported to another area if charges exist. This can make it very difficult finding the correct jail to bond someone out. In most cases, the arresting department can tell you where the inmate was transported. This step will need to be repeated for each transfer until the inmate is located. Once you locate your loved one, the detaining facility should be able to tell you if there are anymore pending charges for other areas to prevent another transport.

Jail vs. Prison

While jail and prison may seem interchangeable, they are actually quite different. Jail typically refers to a county or city facility that is used for holding, misdemeanor, and short-term felony sentences.

Small Jail Cell

County and City Jails are Typically for Minor Crime and Sentencing Carry-Out.

These facilities are minimum security and are controlled by the city or county court system. Prison, on the other hand, is typically medium or maximum security and is used for long-term serious offense sentencing. Many times, prison inmates are violent parties or repeat offenders that have more than 5 years of jail time to serve.

No matter what type of charges you or your loved one is facing, it can be a very uncertain and uneasy time. Let the Owen's Bonding Co. team put your mind at ease by offering professional bonding and procedure advice to help the process go as smoothly as possible. We can help you locate your loved one and get them bonded as soon as possible for a minimal stay behind bars. Once free, we help the arrested party be successful in their bond by explaining the process in detail and providing the guidance and communication needed to keep all interested parties in the loop. When someone you love has been served an arrest warrant in Wichita, KS area, call the Owen's Bonding Co. professionals first at 866-830-2663 to provide the help you need to get your loved one out quick.

What Are Arrest Warrants?

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For Arrest Warrant Clearance Bail Help, Call Us Today

Sometimes people don’t know, forget, or don’t want to show up to court after having been arrested or getting a ticket. If you fail to show up to court, a warrant is sent our for your arrest and you are considered a fugitive of the law until you are captured. By receiving an arrest warrant, you add additional bail, court fees, and bail bondsman fees to your list of debts instead of having just shown up to court in the first place. If you skip out on showing up to court, an arrest warrant will be placed for you and you will have to pay an arrest warrant clearance bond to get rid of it. If a judge still deems you a flight risk, you could be placed on house arrest monitoring. If you have been issued an arrest warrant and need arrest warrant clearance bail in WichitaWichita, KS, call Owen's Bonding Co. at (866) 830-BOND today.

How Does Someone Get An Arrest Warrant?

  • A lot of times, people who have accumulated tons of unpaid traffic tickets will get a warrant out for their arrest that they claim they don’t know about.
  • Not showing up to court after posting your bail from jail places a warrant out for your arrest and causes you to lose your refunded bail money.
  • People who are guilty and decide to flee instead of showing up to the appointed court dates get arrest warrants so they can be forcibly brought back to court and sentenced.
  • Bounty hunters use arrest warrants to collect bond money from the bail bondsman that the person on the run owes money to.

How Does a Bail Bond Work?

How Does a Bail Bond Work?

How Does Bail Work? Find Out More About the Bail Bond Process.

When we talk about posting bail or needing to use a bail bond, people can get confused about what that means exactly. What are bail and bails bonds and how does bail work? Bail is a set amount of money that is set by the judge. Bail is how you are able to get out of jail and acts as insurance to guarantee that you will show up for your court day. Bail can be expensive, which is why we have bail bonds. Bail bonds are a surety, or promise, to the court that you will appear on your assigned court date; if you miss your court date, your bail is forfeited. You are able to get bail from your family or friends, but it’s more common to get a bail bond through a certified bail bondsman. Felony and misdemeanor bonding are popular bail bonds if you or someone you love has committed a felony or misdemeanor. To find out more about how does bail work or the bail process, we have got you covered.

Bail Bond Process

  • Police Custody and Booking: The first step is being booked which means they will take down all of your personal information, get information on the crime, and hold you in jail until you know if you can be released.
  • Bail Proceedings: If it’s your first offense then they will sometimes let you off on your own recognizance, but most of the time they will set up bail proceedings to determine how the bail should be set. Bail is determined based on many factors that the judge will decide upon.
  • Posting Bail: Once the amount of your bail is set you can go about paying it. If you, your family, or friends can’t afford to pay for your bail, that is where a bail bondsman comes in. You usually have to pay a percentage of the bail amount, but the bail bonds company will take care of the rest so you can be released from jail.

If you are needing bail bond services in Wichita, KS, call Owen's Bonding Co. at 866-830-2663.

Bail Bond Vs. Recognizance

When we think of getting released from jail, we typically think that we can only be released when we’ve had bail posted. However, there are situations where you don’t necessarily need bail. This, of course, is based on a couple of factors.

  1. How severe the crime was
  2. How likely the person is as a flight risk.
  3. The criminal record of the defendant.
  4. If the defendant is a danger to the community.
  5. How likely it is that they will commit another crime.
  6. The ties that the defendant has to their family, job, and community.
Personal Recognizance Bail

Personal Recognizance Bail Is a Promise You Will Attend Your Assigned Court Date.

All of these things come into play when deciding if someone is eligible for a bail bond or for personal recognizance bail. Find out if you will need a bail bond or if personal recognizance bail in Wichita, KS by calling Owen's Bonding Co. now at 866-830-2663.

What Is a Personal Recognizance Bond?

Unlike a bail bond, personal recognizance doesn’t require money being paid or having a bond posted. Being released on your own recognizance, also known as OR, is a promise to the judge that you will appear in court on your assigned court date. Again, OR is based on the above factors, as well as the conditions the judge puts on your release. The only way is to get personal recognizance is if a judge grants it; you cannot get personal recognizance from the arresting officer, so you have to wait until you are before a judge to see if they will grant you personal recognizance.

If the person who gets OR violates their agreement and does not appear in court, they will be arrested immediately and sent to jail. This time around, they will not have the best options for bail. If you think personal recognizance bail in Wichita, KS is something your family or friend could be eligible for, give us a call to see!

Local Bail Bonds Assistance

If you were in a situation where you had personal recognizance bail in the Wichita, KS area but you were unable to go to court, call us for local bail bonds assistance! We have a wide range of bail bond services ranging from DUI bail, misdemeanor bail, and probation violation bail. Just give our bail bondsmen a call at 866-830-2663 today!

How To Avoid Getting A DUI


Avoid Having To Worry About DUIs While Drinking When You Follow Our Tips.

We all like to unwind now and then, whether it is hanging out with friends, family, or just cooling down from a hard day at work by yourself. Having a few drinks is not a bad way to relax, however, driving after those drinks can land you in a heap of trouble. DUIs are serious charges that can put your life on hold while you deal with the repercussions of drinking and then trying to navigate your car home. You can avoid having to worry about these charges if you take a little time and make a plan for your evening using the tips below.

DUI Avoidance Tips

  • For Group Events, Plan Ahead – If you and your friends or coworkers are planning a get together where there may be drinking, use the planning time to make sure it is safe for everyone. See about carpooling and setting a designated driver to ensure everyone arrives home safely.
  • Don’t Drive If You Are Drinking – Whether setting up a DD is not realistic or you are out on your own, remember there are other available options for your return home. Before heading out, have a taxi service in mind or set up a reservation at a hotel to give you a way to stay safe once you are done.
  • Let Friends And Family Know Where You Are – Last but not least, inform family or friends of your plans. Keep in mind if any of them can assist you by picking you up after the evening and call them for assistance when you are ready to head back home.

Sometimes, situations can spin out of control, Before you know it, you are dealing with a difficult legal situation. Are you facing DUI charges in Wichita, KS? Reach out to the bail bonds experts at Owen's Bonding Co. when you dial 866-830-2663 today!

What Is Probation and Probation Violation?

Probation Violation

Violating Your Probation Can Have Serious Consequences, Landing You Back In Jail.

When you have been charged with a crime, there is a possibility of you being convicted. One of the best outcomes you can receive if convicted is to receive probation. Probation allows you to carry out your sentence with minimal to no jail time, allowing you to have freedom while still handling your court-issued consequences. These may include restrictions on your life or even community service. Depending on your crime, the judge will issue you a list of rules to follow to be enforced by your probation officer. If you break any of these rules, you could find yourself facing a probation violation.

Possible Violations of Your Probation

While probation can be better than the alternative of being in jail, it does come with a specific set of rules one needs to follow in order to be successful. These rules are issued by the judge or court when probation is given. These rules can vary on a case by case basis. Some examples of possible violations, depending on your case, are:

  • Participating in a crime
  • Leaving the designated region you should be in
  • Using drugs or alcohol
  • Missing out on your probation officer meeting
  • Skipping court-mandated rehabilitation or service

With your first violation, you may be issued a warning, however, after this, you will most likely have to attend court. A judge will hear your case and decide whether you did indeed violate your probation. From there, you may be faced with anything from a fine to having probation rescinded.

Are you facing probation violation? Owen's Bonding Co. offers probation violation bail services for your needs in Wichita, KS. Give us a call today at 866-830-2663!

How To Handle An Arrest Warrant


Dealing With An Arrest Warrant Can Be A Scary Situation.

Having a warrant out for your arrest can be an upsetting situation to deal with. What should you do? How can you handle it? While you may have many questions and may consider flight, know that the best thing you can do is to deal with the warrant head on. This means turning yourself in. The act of turning yourself in reflects well upon you, showing that you are willing to work through the situation and that you are not a flight risk. There are certain steps you should take in your best interest before you choose to turn yourself in. 

Steps To Take

Contact a Defense Attorney

When making the decision to handle an arrest warrant by turning yourself into the police, the first thing to do is to contact a defense attorney. Your attorney will act in your best interests, working for the best resolution for you and can even help you with the arrest process. They will gather all of the information in regards to your warrant and work with you to expedite processing.

Reach Out to a Bondsman

Your attorney may be able to identify the bond amount if one is set. Depending on the charge or if a judge has already looked over your case, the judge may set the bond amount along with the arrest warrant. If this is the case, contacting a bondsman could be in your best interest. Once you know the bond amount, you can work with the bondsman to secure bail. This way, once you have been processed you can bond out and get to work with your attorney on building your case.

Go To The Station

Finally, once your affairs are in order, it is time to go to the police. Your attorney and bondsman can meet you there to help expedite processing. Remember to dress comfortably, but not casually, and work with the police. The more cooperative you are, the faster you can be in and out of the station. Be familiar with your Miranda rights; they are in your best interest.

Owen's Bonding Co. provides you with quality bail bonds services for your needs in Wichita, KS. Call us today for your bonds needs at 866-830-2663.

Differences Between a Felony and a Misdemeanor

Defendant Being Arrested on a Felony Charge

You Have the Right to Post Bail for Both Felony and Misdemeanor Charges.

In the United States justice systems, crimes are categorized based on the seriousness of the crime. The two most common categories of crimes are misdemeanors and felonies. Misdemeanors are far less serious than felonies and carry a lighter punishment. However, you can be arrested on charges of both crimes before the trial. When this happens, you have the right to post bail. If you or a loved one have been charged with either a felony or a misdemeanor, contact the staff at Owen's Bonding Co. to help with all your bail needs.

Felony vs. Misdemeanor

When it comes to convicting someone of a felony, it is a much longer and more complex process than convicting someone of a misdemeanor. Here are some important differences between a felony and a misdemeanor.

Defendants being charged with a misdemeanor can expect an expedited trial that may or may not involve a jury. If convicted of a misdemeanor, the punishment can a substantial fine and less than one year in jail. Examples of misdemeanor crimes include excessive speeding, driving under the influence and driving without a license.

Because a felony is a more serious crime, it can take longer to get a conviction. If the case goes to court, there will be a jury trial, in which the defendant has the right to a court-appointed attorney. If the defendant is convicted of the crime, they can be punished with large fines and extended time in a state or federal prison. Murder, kidnapping, and arson are all examples of a felonies.

If you or a loved one are facing charges of a misdemeanor or a felony crime, don’t wait for the trial to start to get them our jail. Contact our office at 866-830-2663 to post bail in Wichita, KS.

Different Types Of Bail Bonds

Did you know there are multiple types of bail? Most people are familiar with the common cash bail bond, but there are actually several different bail situations you could come across. We think it is important for our clients to have a thorough understanding of the bail process, as it can really help the entire process go more smoothly. Today we will go over the different kinds of bail bonds.

Released by Citation


How Much Do You Know About Bail?

Citation release is often common with speeding tickets. A citation release is when the officer doesn’t arrest you, but instead gives you a citation with a court date you must attend. Failure to attend the court date will result in a warrant for your arrest, however.

Surety Bond

Surety bonds are incredibly common. Through the assistance of a bail bondsman, you can pay 10% to 15% of your bail amount, and a bail bondsman will pay the rest to assure your release until your court date. However, if you fail to arrive at your court date, you will be held responsible for the whole bail amount.

Recognizance Release

While these are rare, a recognizance release allows you to be released without a cash payment. However, you are still required to show up for your court date, or a warrant will be released for your arrest, and you will be required to pay a large fine. You are more likely to become eligible for a recognizance release if you have never been arrested previously, and you do not have a criminal record.

To learn more, or to request bail services, give us a call today at 866-830-2663!


When Someone You Know Skips Bail

You know to come to Owen's Bonding Co. when you need bail bond services in Wichita, KS. Bail is meant to ensure that the person in jail shows up on any assigned court dates, but that doesn’t always happen, which is how the term skips bail came to be. However, what happens if the person whom you bailed out doesn’t appear in court?

The Consequences of Skipping Bail

Handcuffs Money and Gavel

Call Us When Someone You Know Skips Bail.

First, a warrant will be issued for that person’s arrest. In a rare case, a judge may be lenient, but it is never safe to assume that. If and when that person is arrested, he or she will then be eligible for bail, but that bail may be set higher. Unfortunately, all this not only affects them, but you, too. If you bailed them out, it will affect that transaction. Plus, if you know where that person is, you’re legally obligated to answer any questions about your loved one’s whereabouts honestly. If you don’t, you could be in a lot of trouble.

In this situation, be honest with law enforcement. Also, contact your bail bondsman. The people from whom you got the bail bonds have seen these situations before and know how to help. They may not be able to make everything better, but they can help you figure some details out.

Whether you need to bail someone out, you have questions about the process, or someone whom you have bailed out skips bail, call us at 866-830-2663. We know bail bonds and all the processes involved in bailing someone out of jail in Wichita, KS.