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What Happens If You Skip Out On Bail?

What Happens If You Skip Out On Bail?

Learn What Happens If You Skip Out On Bail.

If you or someone you know is considering jumping bail, it would be in your best interest to not do that. Skipping out on bail is a crime of its own and can have several consequences for those who choose to skip out on bail. Below are the things that will happen if you or someone you know skip out on bail.

Forfeit the Bond

When a bond is forfeited or in default, that means that you will lose the money you put up for a bond. Sometimes it’s not even money, it can be a house or car you put up for collateral, in which case you are also at risk of losing.

Still, Face Charges

Just because you or someone you know doesn’t show up to their court date, doesn’t mean that the charges will be dropped. In fact, more charges will be added. You or the person you know will be issued a bench warrant in order to get you to come to court.

Tracking You Down

The bail bond agent who posted bail for you will track you down in order to send you back to jail. Once they find you, they will take you into custody.

If you skip out on bail, you are not only making it hard on yourself, you are making it extremely hard for the people who love and care about you. When you have an assigned court date, show up. If you need bail bond services in Wichita, KS, call Owens Bonding Co. at 866-830-2663 today.